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international sales dept.                       

tel: 0086-574-86378895                 

fax: 0086-574-86378895

technology dept.

tel: 0086-574-86264491
after-sales service dept.

tel: 0086-574-86378312

job status market developer gender no restriction
number 2 person人 work experience mechanical major, junior college or above, cet-6
job description

responsibilities: developing foreign customers, using sns social network facebook, alibaba, made-in-china, etc. to publicize the company's products; russian, spanish or portuguese skills are preferred, cet-6 or above.

annual salary: 10-20w

job status savings cadre gender no restriction
number 1 person人 work experience
job description

job responsibilities: enterprise comprehensive management direction, training objectives for grass-roots and middle-level managers, and finally according to personal competence and expertise and the actual operation of the company will be fixed posts and salaries.

monthly salary: 4-6k

job status technical director gender no restriction
number 1person人 work experience 3 years working experience.
job description

responsibilities: make scientific research work plan, take charge of collecting all kinds of technology and process information; organize the test and appraisal of new equipment, new technology, new material and new technology; improve production efficiency and reduce production costs;

annual salary: 20-30w

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