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zihyd passed the mid-term assessment of post-doctor
time: 2016-1-16 9:20:06 from: auhor: click:8159
zihyd awarded the title of zhejiang post-doctor workstation
oct.30th, 2015, zihyd held a review meeting of post-doctor mid-term assessment, reviewed by a group of senior specialists in domestic hydraulic drive and control field, and invited experts and leaders of social council in ningbo city and zhenhai district to attend the meeting. the research was the development of electro-hydraulic multi-actuator dsp controller. this issue was based on electro-hydraulic servo-valve, electro-hydraulic proportional valve control the hydraulic motors, through the development of electro-hydraulic multi-actuator dsp controller to achieve more than one motor work together. after more than one year, post-doctor’s research has achieved initial results, basically according to the work plan to complete the development of principle design, circuit board design and manufacture, the underlying drive program etc., and analysis the twin cylinder synchronization system mathematical modeling and simulation. during working period, on the basis of enterprise’s actual needs to design hydraulic motor’s speed and temperature monitoring system. each specialist and leader proposes instructional advice on the issues of research process with enterprise’s actual situation and market prospect. post-doctors and enterprises’ tutors answer each question of review, successfully passed the mid-term assessment. in 2013 zihyd relied on the station of post-doctor of taiyuan technology university, has become the enterprise in ningbo of post-doctor workstation. july, 2014, zihyd passed the review of this research. august, 2015 upgrade to a provincial post-doctor workstation, and at the end of oct. went through this award.
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