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participate in peak forum, exhibit innovations
time: 2015-11-13 8:58:05 from: auhor: click:6991

the 2nd chinese high-end agricultural equipment innovation form is held in beijing hanhua international hotel from sep. 24th to 25th. zihyd, as one of the sponsors, is invited to the forum.
agricultural machinery industry is developing rapidly in recent years. the main reason is motor gear chain driving the development of hydraulic transmission; the characteristic is efficiency, good stability, long span life, etc. peak forum is an important high-tech agricultural technology communication platform, themes at “efficient, reliable, intelligent, environmental protection”. during the meeting, professionals focus on the development trend of high-tech agricultural equipment technology, how to create good market environment, the key technology of horsepower tractor and equipment, intelligent united harvest machine, its key components and high-tech agricultural machinery to share their experience and make discussion.
zihyd is equipment manufacturing enterprises, attaches great importance to the development of agricultural machinery market. zihyd is gradually developing agricultural machinery products in recent two years. at present, zihyd has hydraulic steering units and bmr orbit hydraulic motors, zihyd products developed from low level to high level. zihyd exhibits its products at booth a013 of the forum meeting area. people from zihyd introduced their products’ advantages to the industry experts and the farmer representatives. at the same time, the two sides communicate the innovative ideas of agricultural machinery. zihyd is making its efforts to promote the development of high-tech agriculture, is committing to product innovation and quality improvement.

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