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full efforts to the common 5s
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  finishing: finishing work is the core of the distinction between "should" and "should not" and "do not" perform before dealing with things. in their daily work, we often encounter this phenomenon: the desk, the toolbox warehouse piled full, there is not enough space ...... in addition to the shelter, debris everywhere. in this the "finishing", the very things that should not be sorted out, to some extent, the work space is released. throughout the finishing work for the "to" is difficult to grasp the concept of so many people. for example, a device can process, the more efficient thanks to the advanced equipment, the old equipment has been idle due to lack of maintenance, a long time will be rusty, direct reduced to junk, not only takes up the company's valuable space, but also led to a substantial depreciation of the equipment. warehouse, processed or finished parts have been placed over the years, affected by long-term "deal with pity" and other traditional thinking, not treated, resulting in wasted space and depreciation.

  consolidation; consolidation is to continue finishing work is a "wanted" items thoroughly finishing: make sure items placed sites, placement criteria and identify, locate and crossed to ensure that all items at a glance. in the reorganization, for the "want" items, we must first distinguish between "regular use" and "do not often use." for frequently used items, we should place them within reach for items not frequently used, we can fixed them in one place, easy to find. we often have this impression: an item when not in use, always dangling in front, and when to use it, the long-awaited, the main reason for this phenomenon is that consolidation is not in place . you may wish to check under their desk or toolbox, see how much useless stuff for a long time, but occupying a prime location.

  cleaning: 5s the third step is to clean, and its purpose is to remove the garbage, inspection equipment, eliminate the root causes of various problems arising. sweeping implications for many people the existence of errors in the perception that cleaning is cleaning, the cleaning with the family confused. in the cleaning process, the first step is to remove all garbage, dust. attention is needed to eliminate dust and garbage clean-up work is only the beginning, and many of us tend to think at this time it has completed cleaning up. completion of the inspection of the equipment when cleaning the second step in the sweep of the problems found overhaul. in this process, there are two caveats: inspection, maintenance. these two actions are carried initiative through inspection to discover hidden problems, to solve the problem. in practice, we tend to check and check, even to the surface of the article, at the point checklist randomly draw a few hooks, equipment problems still exist, such as the old, until the outbreak of the way to failure.

  literacy: literacy, namely the quality of staff, the company introduced the ultimate goal of 5s city, that enhance the quality of staff through the implementation of 5s. through long-term implementation of the preceding 4s, so that employees in their daily work to correct bad habits, develop good habits, and thus achieve the goal of enhancing the professionalism of employees. in 5s, the quality improvement is not castles in the air, but through repeated constantly perform in front of the 4s, the continuous improvement of working methods, improve work efficiency. in the literacy process of implementation, the first 5s standards in accordance with the requirements of the job. currently.
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