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how should quality awareness training? how should steadily improve product quality? april 12, solve the problem, you are invited to the training of specialists pan yunfeng conducted quality control training to all managers and inspectors attended the training. for factors that affect the quality of products, pan teacher pointed inspector level and only one part of the production process, procurement, product design, sales positioning and so the quality has a great relationship, "quality is produced by the" "quality is testing out "quality of class consciousness does not guarantee product quality to meet the company's expectations, should be full of quality for the company's actual situation, pan favorite teacher hopes to gradually cultivate the quality of full awareness, in which all pipe quality, people people are substandard products terminator atmosphere, comprehensive reinforcement of corporate quality control system. meanwhile, pan teacher also pointed out the importance of quality management responsibility. only rising sense of responsibility, from the customer's point of view to consider the issue of product quality can really be guaranteed. he hoped that italy can therefore responsible employees throughout their daily work, the quality of products continues to increase. currently, customers on product quality requirements are high, being liked by the quality of training for staff, optimizing management processes, processing equipment and other aspects of ongoing efforts to upgrade and enhance customer satisfaction.
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