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in a radial piston motor transmission the deep diving
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before and after the blank 4 has a lining applied to the sliding surface 5 of the pad portion 3 by pouring molten alloy thereon, the blank is machined individually to have its inner diameter finished. this has made it necessary to use amachining and holding device of a complex shape. our company is professional hydraulic motor,piston motor,pg电子下载-pg电子游戏,gearbox,hydraulic steering unit supplier providing customers from domestic zhongyiyepk and overseas the best and reliable hydraulic products.

thus the time required for machining such workpiece has been long and no stability has ever been obtained in the precision with which the workpiece is finished. when an overlay is applied to the bearingalloy as required, each workpiece has to be treated individually, and this has made it necessary to use an expensive device of complex construction and perform a time-consuming operation. yet it has hitherto been difficult to provide an overlay ofuniform thickness.

from the foregoing description, it will be appreciated that the method for producing a connecting rod according to the invention offers the advantage that the connecting rods can be produced on a mass production basis, and that the connectingrods produced by the method according to the invention is better in quality than connecting rods of the prior art.

in a radial piston motor transmission the deep diving or entering piston shoe is utilized and swingably borne in the pivot-bed of the radially reciprocating piston.since deep diving piston shoes have large piston strokes, the shoes pivot in the pistons in large angles.thereby a considerable force-portion of the load on the piston is transfered to the wall between the piston and the cylinder, whereby heretofore short pistons produced occasionally welding and sticking between the cylinder wall and the piston wall.the piston therefore receives radially extending portions, which may extend beyond the medial portions of the piston show and may even enter into the ring groove of the piston stroke actuator ring. thereby a very long guidance of the piston on cylinder wall portions is obtained, which makes the application of effective pressure balancing pockets at correct location between piston wall and cylinder wall possible. an extended piston guide and friction--less travel of the piston in the cylinder without wearing or sticking is assured.

this invention has been developed for the purpose of obviating the aforesaid disadvantages of the radial piston motor art. accordingly, the invention has as its object the provision of a connecting rod for a radial piston motor and a method of producing samewhich has the features and offers the advantages that are set forth hereinafter.

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