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a pad portion for a radial piston motor suitable
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a connecting rod for a radial piston motor including a spherical surface portion, a rod portion and a pad portion having a sliding surface.our company is professional hydraulic motor,piston motor,hydraulic winch,pg电子下载-pg电子游戏 ,hydraulic steering unit supplier providing customers from domestic zhongyiyepk and overseas the best and reliable hydraulic products. the spherical surface portion, rod portion and pad portion are formed integrally, and the sliding surface has a bearing alloy attached to its surface by centrifugal casting.

an overlay may be provided on the bearing alloy. the connecting rod is produced in a mass production basis by a method including the steps of integrally forming a star-shape cylindrical monolithic blank having a single cylindrical centrally located axial opening and bearing six equally spaced outwardly radiating rod portions, each rod portion bearing an integral, substantially spherical surface portion on its distal end; attaching a bearing alloy by centrifugal casting, to the centrally located axial opening in said blank; machining the surface of the bearing alloy; and dividing the blank into six pieces constituting six connecting rods. the machined surface of the bearing alloy may be provided with an overlay, such as a pb-base alloy.

this invention relates to a connecting rod including a spherical surface portion, a rod portion and a pad portion for a radial piston motor suitable for use with watercraft, concrete mixers, etc., and a method of producing same.

this type of connecting rod has hitherto been produced, as shown in fig. 1, by first forming a spherical surface portion 1, a rod portion 2 and a pad portion 3 having a sliding surface 5 integrally with one another (to provide a blank 4) as by alost-wax precision casting process, and then applying a lining of white metal bearing alloy to the sliding surface 5 (of arcuate shape as shown in fig. 3 et seq.) of the pad portion 3 by pouring molten alloy thereon. owing to the complex shape of theconnecting rod, a casting process used for applying a white metal bearing alloy becomes complex in construction, thereby increasing cost and making it difficult to obtain a bearing alloy of highly compact and uniform structure because difficulties areencountered in effecting uniform cooling which is one of the conditions for casting that should be met. thus a bearing alloy having a lining applied thereto by pouring molten alloy, such as molten white metal bearing alloy, on the sliding surface of thepad portion has tended to have segregated thereon acicular crystals (cu6 sn5) and cubic crystals (sbsn), which are hard and bittle intermetallic compounds, and to have coarse crystals formed thereon.

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