suitably has a greater diameter in its radially-pg电子下载

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suitably has a greater diameter in its radially
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according to the invention, the pistons running in the cylinders in the cylinder block are formed on a radially outer portion with a part-spherical bearing surface.our company is professional hydraulic motor,piston motor,pg电子下载-pg电子游戏 ,gearbox,hydraulic steering unit supplier providing customers from domestic zhongyiyepk and overseas the best and reliable hydraulic products. the drive rollers running against the cam surface are journalled in roller cageswith a cylindrical bearing seat which is constructed as a hydrostatic bearing and with a part-spherical bearing surface which cooperates with the part-spherical bearing surface of the piston.

the roller cage is thus able to tilt in all directions aroundthe center of the spherical bearing. since the roller cage can tilt in this way relative to the piston, the piston is protected from overturning moments caused by movements of the roller cage due to imperfections of the cam curve and guides for therollers.

the pistons of the motor are formed with a throughgoing axial bore which suitably has a greater diameter in its radially outer part than in its radially inner one. the roller cages which support the drive rollers are formed with a guide pinwhich extends down into the outer part of the through-going piston bore having a greater diameter than the radially inner parts thereof. to prevent the roller cages and the pistons from being separated during operation of the motor, the roller cages andthe pistons may be held together by a strong spring which can be attached within the guide pin and to the radially inner part of the piston. the roller cage may be formed so that it surrounds the drive roller over more than 180°, the rollerthereby being fixed in its cage. the cage may also be formed with a surrounding angle smaller than 180°, whereby the roller cage or the motor is provided with other means for fixing a roller in the roller cage or for guiding the roller. thecylindrical bearing seat for the roller is formed with a defined hydrostatic supporting surface so as to obtain a suitable balancing of the force against the roller. the supporting surface may be defined by grooves which provide gap sealing. the radialcompressive forces, acting on the roller cage and on the piston, are suitably outbalanced hydrostatically to more than 80%, preferably to between 80 and 95%.

in hitherto known embodiments of radial piston motor of the above-mentioned kind, the piston force has been transmitted to each cam-follower roller via a piston rod which is similar in design to a conventional connecting rod. the roller hasheretofore been journalled at its mid-point in a bearing at the outer end of the piston rod and formed with roller ways on either side of the bearing. at its radially inner end, the piston rod has been journalled in the piston. the journalling of theroller means that the length of the roller increases with the width of the bearing in the rod. the width of the roller way in the motor housing becomes wider by a corresponding measure, and its mid-portion is therefore not fully utilized.

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