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in a hydraulic radial piston motor which includes a housing
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a hydraulic radial piston motor with a cam disc and a cylinder block with a number of pistons running in cylinders in the block presses rollers against the cam disc in such a way that a torsional moment arises.our company is professional pg电子下载-pg电子游戏,piston motor,hydraulic winch,gearbox,hydraulic steering unit supplier providing customers from domestic zhongyiyepk and overseas the best and reliable hydraulic products. the rollers are formed with guide members running in slots in guide units which take up tangential forces. the rollers are mounted in roller cages which are formed with hydrostatic bearings. at their outer end each piston is formed with a part-spherical bearing surface and the roller cage has a cooperating part-spherical bearing surface, which allows angular movements between the roller cages and the pistons in all directions.

in a hydraulic radial piston motor which includes a housing; a cam disc which has an internal cam surface; a cylinder block havng a plurality of radially disposedcylinders; a plurality of pistons, a respective piston being slidably disposed in a respective cylinder; a plurality of roller cages, each roller cage being located between a respective piston and the cam disc, and each roller cage including an outerbearing surface which is shaped as part of the internal surface of a cylinder; two guide units fixedly joined to the cylinder block, each guide unit including radially inwardly directed guide slots.

the guide slots being in register on opposite sides ofeach respective roller cage; a plurality of cam-follower rollers, each cam-follower roller being located in a respective roller cage and having an outer surface which rolls against the internal cam surface of the cam disc, each cam-follower rollerincluding a shaft pin at its opposite ends which mount respective guide bearings, the respective guide bearings being movable in the associated guide slots of the guide units and transmitting tangential forces that act on the cam-follower rollers to theguide units and thus to the cylinder block, the improvement wherein each roller cage and associated piston are separate elements which are movable with respect to one another, each roller cage having an inner bearing surface and each piston having an outer bearing surface constructed such that angular motionstherebetween are possible in all directions, and each roller cage includes a hydrostatic bearing which cooperates with the outer surface of the associated cam-follower roller.

invention relates to a hydraulic radial piston motor with a number of drive rollers running along an internal cam surface in a motor housing and being urged radially outwardly towards the cam surface by a number of pistons slidably disposedin cylinders in a cylinder block arranged in the motor housing. in one embodiment of such a radial piston motor for heavy duty applications, the pistons are completely relieved of tangential forces by the fact that pins projecting from the drive rollerstowards the cylinder block are provided with bearings which run in radially disposed slots in guide units which are fixedly joined to the cylinder block on opposite sides thereof. either the housing of such a motor may be stationary and the cylinderblock rotates, or the cylinder block may be stationary and the housing rotates. in the first embodiment the motor is usually intended to be connected to a driven shaft. in the second embodiment it is usually intended to be connected to a wheel or acable drum for a winch or the like.

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