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move heavy loads through force multiplication
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cranes can easily lift objects because of their hydraulic system.our company is located in ningbo city of the zhejiang province in china. we are a leading hydraulic equipment manufacturer, specializing in producing hydraulic motor piston motor hydraulic winch, and so more. for more related gearbox,pg电子下载-pg电子游戏 ,axial piston motor products machinery, please click into our product page, or contact us directly. in the realm of physics, such operations are supported by pascal s principle of transmission of fluid-pressure. according to this law,  pressure exerted anywhere in a confined incompressible fluid is transmitted equally in all directions throughout the fluid such that the pressure ratio remains the same.  in such systems, the force that is directly applied in one cylinder is transmitted to another using incompressible (high-pressured) fluid in the form of oil.

hydraulic system process

hydraulic systems work by forcing non-compressible fluid from one cylinder to another to make them functional. this can be best explained by using a simple example of such a method. two pistons are placed in two cylinders connected together with a non-compressible fluid-filled pipe. when downward physical energy is applied to one piston (the input one) the second piston (output one) is pushed in an opposite (upward) motion because of the force that is transmitted by the oil in the pipe.

hydraulic systems have the power to move heavy loads through force multiplication. the size of the cylinder on the output one is larger compared to the cylinder on the input one. this way, when downward physical energy is applied on the input piston it will be multiplied when the liquid reaches the second cylinder. if 200 lbs. of downward force is applied on the input piston, a 1000 lb. upward force can be applied on the second cylinder. of course, it must also be considered that the input piston must travel further (be depressed further) in order to move the output piston in an upward motion. multiplied a great deal, this simple process allows cranes to lift heavy objects.

one important thing to mention is the influence of air anywhere within this system. any presence of air within the system causes the exerting force to be  wasted  by trying to compress any air bubbles rather than doing the intended work of compressing the fluid and moving the second piston.

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