important part of this system is the steering gear-pg电子下载

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important part of this system is the steering gear
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if you enjoy your vehicle takes sharp turns then you must need to know which part of your vehicle provides such enormous power to the speedy vehicle.our company is located in ningbo city of the zhejiang province in china. we are a leading hydraulic equipment manufacturer, specializing in producing hydraulic motor piston motor pg电子下载-pg电子游戏 , and so more. for more related gearbox,hydraulic steering unit,axial piston motor products machinery, please click into our product page, or contact us directly. this article will give you an overview of how the power steering system of your car works. power steering can be described as a hydraulic pump, driven by the motor, delivers pressurized hydraulic fluid to either side of the steering mechanism. the pressurized hydraulic fluid approaching on the steering mechanism helps to steer the car and minimizes steering effort. power steering system is not a drive-by-wire system but it's a power assisted steering.

there are two main components in a power steering mechanism - the power steering cylinder and the steering gear. in most of the cases, cylinder is attached to the front of the engine and driven by the accessory drive chain. the size of the cylinder should be enough to generate sufficient fluid pressure at idle. as the pump spins faster as engine speed increases, a pressure relief valve is used to keep the pressure at the desired levels.

the most important part of this system is the steering gear. the two major types of steering gears are - rack and pinion, and recirculating ball type. rack and pinion is widely used in modern cars.

in the power assisted system, hydraulic fluid from the cylinder enters the steering gear and returns at low pressure side. an installed valve system inside the gear box directs fluid out which reenters later. this pressurized fluid acts on the power piston to help steering. now it's easier for you to understand, if you turns right, additional fluid is directed to the right side of the piston, which helps slide the rack and therefore steer the tires.

when the engine is off, it will be very difficult to steer the vehicle. it is advised not to turn a vehicle with power steering when either of these conditions exists.

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