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production sales is steady and fast growth
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production sales is steady and fast growth

the 2011, china machinery .that is to say, choosing hydraulic motor for the goods are not as simple as people normally thought it is. it demands that company understand deeply their produce piston motor,hydraulic winch,gearbox,pg电子下载-pg电子游戏,axial piston motor products and scale to get suitable ones. production a good start, production, sales, lasted for 2010 steady growth momentum, production, sales growth in 29 percent above, exports remain a larger growth in ascending. value the china machinery . federation statistics show: 105 monthly cumulative year-on-year growth of products, the varieties of products of all reported 87.5%.

production sales is steady and fast growth
the 2011 1 ~ 2 months, machinery . whole profession completed industrial output 21448.06 billion yuan, an increase of 29.07%, growth period than 2010 16.42 ., slowing than 2010 1 ~ 12 months slows 4.86 .. the 2011 1 ~ 2 months, whole profession completed industrial sales value 20881.31 billion yuan, an increase of 29.18%, growth period than 2010 17.41 ., slowing than 2010 1 ~ 12 months slow 5.08 .. the 2011 1 ~ 2 months, production and sales growth in 29 percent above all maintained, but growth has receded than the same period in 2010, is mainly caused by the 2010 growth, higher overall look at base of the whole . production sales are steady and fast growth.

the main product yield realization 70% double-digit growth
in mechanical league this statistical 120 species of main products, accumulative total year-on-year growth of the 105 products, the total reported 87.5% variety products; the products with double-digit growth, accounting for 85 institutes of products completely reports; 14 kinds of products output, which accounts for the 2010 reduce 11.67% reported products. completion of specific products are as follows:
1 ~ 2 months 1.2011 years production growth faster and more than 60% of growth to remain in products: grain harvest machinery, corn harvest machinery, harvest post-processing machinery, agricultural chujiagong machinery, feed production special equipment, cotton machinery, excavator, compaction machine, generators, the steam turbine generators, the wind generator transformer, hydraulic components, metal container, castings, forgings, accounting for 16 kinds of products such as monthly report to product l3.33%.

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