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the unique structural design
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the single rotor impact crusher has the characteristics of simple structure, big reduction ratio, low energy consumption l, high output, light, weight, cubic physique end product. it can supply the uses of industry sectors such aspg电子下载-pg电子游戏 dressing, chemistry, cement, building, fire-proof material, ceramics, glass to use in hitting garrulous and each kind of medium degree of hardness using of in broken bits material, for example: limestone, chamotte, slag, coke, coal and so on.

compare to hammer mill,impact crusher has bigger reduction ratio and can fully use the high speed impact energy of entire rotor . but because the impact crusher board hammer is extremely easy to wear, it also is restricted in the hard material stave application.impact crusher is usually used to break thick garrulous, garrulous or the limestone, the coal, the calcium carbide, the quartz, the dolomite, the curing iron ore, the gypsum and the industrial chemicals which are hard following brittle material.

the ideal entering material granularity of this series is 100-500mm,the most greatly is not surpass the rating. the materail granularity user can ajusts the hammer head and the impact board and th gap between component,according to theirs demands.

hammer is made of high chrome; liner board is made of wearable materials;
specially designed tooth impact plate;
more suitable for crushing hard rock, high efficiency, low consumption;
final products is cubic, discharge opening is adjustable;
make the crushing flow chart simple.

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