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learn hydraulics, learn how they work
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hydraulic machines are used in varied industrial activities today. no doubt manufacturers of hydraulic machineries are taking keen interest in producing the best machines, which are well designed, well manufactured and can give a reliable performance for many years. any user who uses hydraulic equipments would always like to have a trouble free system. but to have a hydraulic machine without giving you any trouble sounds too good to be true. even if the oil or filter is changed regularly, or even if the preventive maintenance program is followed, the machine is going to stop at some point of time. this becomes all the more dangerous when it happens in the midst of a production process.

what do you do under this circumstance? it is better to be prepared for such a situation so that the work is not stopped for a long period of time. this is what is referred as troubleshooting your hydraulic machine. presenting below some easy ways to hydraulic troubleshooting.

first of all, learn hydraulics, learn how they work because this is the best way you can handle a problem. know how all the tools work, how the system handles pressure, flow and direction, how they are connected to each other. study the manufacturer's catalog. gather as much information about breakdowns, lists of components, pressure settings, testing points, how many actuators, pumps, valves are used in the system.

don't wait for the time when the machine is completely not working. infact some precautions can be taken even when the machine is in a working condition. all hydraulic machines operators must follow a preventive maintenance program.

was it at the beginning of the cycle?

talk to the machine operator.

try to get as much information as possible.

check the hydraulic schematics. find out the path from the pump to the actuator. which actuator or valve was working when the machine stopped?

find out whether there are any problems in some components like pumps, some directional valves, some flow controls, relief valves.

perform the flow and pressure test adding an additional element like the relief valve after the pump, and so on until you get to the cylinder.

once you gather information, its time to act. in short, hydraulic trouble shooting is not a very easy task, but with proper knowledge of hydraulics, with full machine information and equipment, troubleshooting becomes easier and faster

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