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there are two kinds of leakage in the hydraulic system
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at present, the leakage is the one of the commonest problems for hydraulic machinery.if you would like to buy the hydraulic motor,piston motor,hydraulic winch,gearbox,hydraulic steering unit products,ningbo zhongyi pg电子下载-pg电子游戏 co., ltd absolutely is your best choice. it is especially serious in the hydraulic system of engineering machinery. the leakage has a close relationship with many factors, such as pressure difference, sealing element. once the leakage takes place, the hydraulic system can not produce the system pressure and meanwhile the hydraulic oil will pollute the environment. in order to help people further know the leakage of hydraulic system, the author will try to analyze the factors and put forward the countermeasures in this article.

generally speaking, there are two kinds of leakage in the hydraulic system of engineering machinery, namely the fixed seal leakage and dynamic seal leakage. the former mainly takes place in the following parts, such as cylinder bottom and joint. the later mainly takes place in these parts, such as valve rod and piston rod. the leakage also can be separated into external leakage and internal leakage. the former means that the hydraulic oil leaks out from the system. the later means that the hydraulic oil flows from high-pressure place to low-pressure place because of the pressure difference.

the leakage is caused by a lot of factors. first, it has something to do with the selection of sealing element. if the sealing element does not comply with working conditions of hydraulic system, it will result in the leakage problem to some degree. second, the leakage is influenced by the manufacturing factor. all hydraulic elements and sealing parts should comply with strict standards. or else, the leakage easily takes place. third, the leakage is closely related with installation. if the hydraulic element is installed rudely, it may easily cause the deformation and thus it will result in the oil leakage. especially for the sealing elements, they should be installed very carefully. last but not least, the leakage has a close relationship with oil pollution. in normal atmospheric pressure, there is about 10% air in the hydraulic oil. with the increase of pressure in hydraulic system, there is more and more air in the oil. when the pressure in the hydraulic system is quickly raised to some degree, the air will form air bubble and suddenly blow out at the low-pressure place. as a result, the leakage takes place. the oil can not only be polluted by air but also can be polluted by water. once the water enters into the hydraulic system, the water and oil will generate the chemical reaction and will form the acid substance. the acid substance will reduce the lubricating property of hydraulic oil and intensify the abrasion of parts. consequently, the leakage takes place.

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