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the fittings with hydraulic machinery serve several
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a hydraulic hose is graded by pressure, temperature, and compatibility of fluid. a rubber interior is surrounded by multiple layers of woven wire and rubber. the exterior of the hose is designed for resistance against abrasion.

the bending radius of the hydraulic hose is designed very carefully into the machine, since a hose failure can be deadly, and violating the minimum bend radius of the hose can also cause failure.

a hydraulic pipe is thick enough to have threads cut into it for connections. it's rarely used for high pressure systems though, which prefer to have tubes or hoses. the pipe itself lends to weldings and can also be used to fabricate the manifold.

hydraulic pipes on the other hand are preferred over hoses whenever possible, as they are simply more durable. tubes are also preferred over pipes, as they weigh a lot less. hydraulic tubes will normally have flared ends and captive nuts to make connections. they can also be steel welded with floating nuts and face seal fittings on the ends.

both tubes and pipes for hydraulic applications traditionally haven't been plated or painted, since the temperature and oil they operate under drive away moisture and reduce the risk of rust.

the fittings with hydraulic machinery serve several purposes:
1. to bride different standards, such as the o-ring boss to jic or pipe threads to the face seal.
2. allows proper orientation of components, as a 45 or 90 degree, straight, or even swivel fitting will be chosen as it is needed. they are designed to be positioned in the correct orientation and then tightened as needed.
3. to incorporate bulkhead hardware.
4. a quick disconnect fitting may be added to a machine without having to modify hoses or valves.

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