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ningbo zhongyi hydraulic seize market opportunities
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ningbo zhongyi hydraulic motor co., ltd is an expert in this field. if you want great hydraulic motor, piston motor, hydraulic winch and hydraulic steering, gearbox, pg电子下载-pg电子游戏 unit products or some good, reliable storage locker information then visit site.

hydraulic machinery leading enterprises ningbo zhongyi hydraulic machinery co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to dalian hydraulic) is a state-owned enterprises than 60 years, since 1978, has entered the field of hydraulic machinery, hydraulic machinery in china has been a well-deserved leading enterprise products covered 45% of the chinese market.

ningbo zhongyi  hydraulic  key products
hydraulic fluid couplings with variable speed, no load start, high efficiency and energy saving features, the single saving rate up to 20% to 50%, is widely used in metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, mining, construction and building materials industries. in the last century before the 80s, china does not produce fluid coupling, plant, domestic construction hydraulic coupling required for most imports. thus, the state decided to fluid coupling on the agenda domestically, and this task to the hydraulic ningbo zhongyi today.

hydraulic continuous technological innovation over the years, and achieved remarkable results, a large number of products were given a national, ministerial, provincial and municipal levels of the various awards, including gwt58 speed fluid couplings have been awarded the national silver medal, cl family of adjustable hydraulic dual national patent product title, yotgc series, yotgcd series, yotfc series, yothj series, yocqz series, yothz series variable speed fluid couplings in 2008 won the famous brand in liaoning province product title.

recent years,ningbo zhongyi hydraulic seize market opportunities, through their own efforts to realize the economic benefits and substantial growth of the indicators. in 2003, completion of major economic indicators are: gross industrial output value 80 million yuan, pin sales income of 63 million yuan, profit and tax 6.5 million yuan, profit 1.2 million yuan; in 2008 industrial output value 170 million yuan, sales income of 190 million yuan, profit and tax 19.4 million yuan, profit 8.8 million yuan. among the various economic and technical indicators of fluid in the industry.

ningbo zhongyi hydraulic motor co., ltd has the experience in produce piston motor,hydraulic winch,pg电子下载-pg电子游戏 ,hydraulic steering unit,pg电子下载-pg电子游戏  with quality assurance.experienced production team with strong technical force, advanced equipment zhongyiyepk so welcome to our to choose our product or call us.


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