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a hydraulic valve needs to opened or closed
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the hydraulic remote control valve is made in order to enable operating all the valves in the irrigation project from a central control point, mostly from the pump site. a manual or electronic controller is located at the control centre from where the hydraulic remote is controlled. the control centre also sends 'open' or 'close' commands to the valves according to the signals the hydraulic valve works.

a hydraulic valve needs to opened or closed by the local pressure and for this purpose a hydraulic relay should be added to the basic hydraulic valve. the relay is generally activated by increase or decreasing the pressure in the control tube. this increasing or decreasing process is done much faster than transporting all the water of the valve's control chamber long distance to the control center, through small-diameter tube. for this purpose 'dorot' valves or 'galit' relays. 'galit' is equipped with manual activation device that allows the local operation system of the valve. that is why it is much preferred by the factories.

the control centre generally consists of a battery with 3-way selector valve. each of these 3-way valves is connected at one of its selected port, to the main line pressure. the bottom one is regarded as the common port and that is connected to a command tube that leads to the relevant group of field valves. there is a knob at the 3-way valve that allows the selection between the pressure port and the vending port. the third port is always remained unused and it is reserved for connection of automatic control device in future.

generally electric command is used to activate the selecting device that stays between the pressurized control tube and relieved tube. it is not controlled manually. normally solenoid valve is used because it has larger passages. solenoid is less sensitive to clogging and it creates faster responses of the controlled valves. one should remember that all types of solenoids that are selected for this function must be equipped with a manual override to enable the operating system. it prevents the system from any electric malfunction.

the tube that connects all valves to control the device should be of short diameter. there is no advantage in using a larger diameter unless the valves are located near to the center. if you use a large diameter tube it will increase unnecessary cost and delays in valve response.

nowadays a lot of manufacturers are designing hydraulic remote controls and their products are being adopted by the engineering companies. these industrial remotes are basically designed to use in the large industrial machines. they are also built with frequency hopping technology. during any small signal loss the system can shut down the whole machines.

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