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hydraulic valve sealing performance of factors
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    affect the hydraulic valve sealing performance by many factors, but we all know the most important factors in the end what you, the professional company of ningbo zhongyi hydraulic motors, pg电子下载-pg电子游戏 hydraulic motor manufacturers experts today and we explore the hydraulic valve sealing performance of the main factors, we hope to have the help.

    sealing component damage is a major factor in the working fluid impurities. these impurities in grinding between the sealing elements, so that the valve leakage. therefore, the appropriate level of foreign raised hydraulic components should be used accordingly precision filter. they believe that the pump 5μm sealing elements, if a filtration accuracy of 3/μm filters using 10μm of life than 10-fold increase.

    however, with the hydraulic valve stent, the working environment is very harsh. in the coal face, tubing length of 1000 meters, up to more than 4,000 joint socket, no special dust-proof tank facilities. emulsion in a large number of floating impurities, and the valve chamber in the column bottom, left more coal, rock and iron tablets. inlet valve and seat, due to open and close more frequently, the liquid flow rate is high, sealing will soon fail. proven to reduce support hydraulic system fluid contaminants, it is very difficult, some people have envisioned the use of high pressure in the emulsion pump filter, while the small increase in the entrance of each stent filter. but is blocked at work quickly to form a stop.

    on the other hand, with the hydraulic support technology development. the use of valve performance and valve life put forward higher requirements. currently, when equipped with a 120 mesh filter and magnetic filter conditions, with the valve being tested by the emulsion of the total flow and valve opening and closing times, to measure the hydraulic valve life. but in fact underground room type test and the actual results of the work vary widely. many countries in the form of experiments, an increase of anti-pollution requirements, some of them in the appropriate emulsion mixed coal, some added mechanical impurities. to do this, use of new anti-pollution ability, suitable for sealing underground working conditions.

    hydraulic valve hydraulic support in a variety of life is low, foreign ways and means to solve the filtering system is to improve the accuracy and improve the quality of the emulsion, but with little success. this paper analyzes the stent valve sealing of the development process, discusses the sealing materials and sealing relationship. that the sealing technology is to improve the service life of hydraulic valves hydraulic support in the key.

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