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analysis of hydraulic technology facility
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marine davit davits of the machine is power-operated devices, to complete the task of dipping boat. the current use of mechanical crane on board the boat machine, generally by the motor, deceleration devices, centrifugal brakes, one-way brake and human brake components. ningbo zhongyi hydraulic motor co., ltd has the experience in produce piston motor,pg电子下载-pg电子游戏 ,gearbox,hydraulic steering unit,axial piston motor with quality assurance.experienced production team with strong technical force, advanced equipment zhongyiyepk so welcome to our to choose our product or call us. the inadequacies of its existence are: large deck space occupied by mechanical transmission, smooth start is not good enough, speed adjustment is not convenient, good mechanical lubrication conditions, failure-prone. taking into account the advantages of hydraulic transmission, hydraulic motors made so ningbo hydraulic davit machine design.
a hydraulic advantage

hydraulic drive has the following advantages: (1) device, small size, light weight, small space; (2) inertia is small, starting, changing to more quickly and smoothly; (3) speed adjustment easy to achieve variable speed, easy to implement automation and automatic overload protection; (4) the use of oil as medium, parts lubrication, long life; (5) the hydraulic components are standardized, serialized product, easy to design and manufacture and application.

of course, there are hydraulic transmission efficiency is low, the transmission ratio is not accurate, less costly, etc., but dipping the boat is not very important, does not require accurate transmission ratio and high efficiency.
it can be seen from the comparison, davit machine previously used mechanical transmission, mainly on account of construction costs; now appears that the use of hydraulic transmission should be more appropriate.

mechanical structure
mechanical and hydraulic winch winch generally similar to the spindle with brake, rollers and brackets and other components. floating drum set on the spindle, the jaw clutch drum and spindle combination and separation. on the drum with hydraulic brakes.
hydraulic brake device structure is shown. brake drum brake strap around the periphery of the wheel. brake cylinder with piston and spring inside. when the barrier into the brake cylinder pressure of the oil, in the spring force, push the piston down, through the brake with the brake lever tight. from the bottom of the brake cylinder pressure port into the oil, leaving the upper part of the hydraulic cylinder through the return oil, the oil pressure push the piston, and to overcome the spring force on the move, the piston that is driven around the fulcrum lever counterclockwise rotation, release the brake with .

4 hydraulic system

hydraulic winch hydraulic system by the power source part of the implementation of components, control components and auxiliary components. system components, small size, light weight, can be attached to the boat hanging shelves, taking up very little room to deck. the main circuit hydraulic system is shown. dipping boat balanced by the static radial piston hydraulic motor. under pressure to the motor, axial piston hydraulic pump selection, system maximum working pressure of 14mpa, the relief valve. control valve and actuator in parallel to form a bypass throttle circuit, relief valve in the system as a safety valve used. valve using "m" type slide valve function, the median time to the hydraulic pump unloading.

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