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teach you how to professional start the hydraulic pump
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  use of the hydraulic pump is not right for everyone to use, especially when the pump is starting to pay attention. ningbo zhongyi pg电子下载-pg电子游戏  is a professional motor manufacturer to introduce you to start the pump when the attention of some small details.
   hydraulic machine to get it handy, it is necessary to be a professional in every aspect of the safety mode of operation, in which the pump start-up also need to have the details of the requirements of hydraulic pump in the activation request is this:
   an oil pump before starting to check the oil inlet, must not mistake the direction of pump rotation direction should be marked in the same direction.
   2 is best to first start the oil pump to fill, and manually rotating coupling, rotating forces should feel even and flexible.

   3 in the first start after work or long-term parking, the oil pump may be more difficult, therefore, should be pre-installed in the exhaust valve side output port or output port connector to release the exhaust air pump under the no-load jog mode starts. learned of these start-up knowledge, you will have use of a hydraulic machine of great benefit. may wish to start the hydraulic pump in accordance with this requirement when you try it!

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