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the three hydraulic motor actuator characteristics
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do you want to know hydraulic, pneumatic and electric characteristics of three implementation agencies?, specialized pg电子下载-pg电子游戏 hydraulic motor manufacturers, let the experts to analyze the following three implementing agencies of the characteristics of it. nothing more than the drive actuator is pneumatic, electric, hydraulic three. these three methods-driven actuator, in performance, cost, ease of use, etc. have their own advantages for different work situations, then introduced one by one.
1, the hydraulic actuators

the performance of hydraulic actuator has many advantages, the output thrust, anti-offset is good, precise control and fast response, stable operation and so on. hydraulic actuators are driven liquid, liquids are incompressible nature, which gives the hydraulic actuators good anti-offset ability to adjust very stable.

2, pneumatic actuator

the greatest feature of pneumatic actuator is safe, the three implementing agencies, the pneumatic actuator is the most fire, explosion advantages, suitable for petrochemical, oil and oil processing industries. in addition to explosion-proof performance, the pneumatic actuator has the advantage that it is better value for money, easy to use, easy maintenance, personnel and technical requirements are relatively low.

the disadvantage of pneumatic actuator is its low control accuracy, can not be electric, hydraulic actuators compared. this stems from the compressed air for pneumatic actuators drive, easy to gas compression, making the pneumatic actuator lack of sufficient anti-offset performance, the lack of precision in the control of competitiveness.

3, the electric actuator

electric actuator growing use in recent years, especially in the high-pressure water system, electric actuator showing the other two implementing agencies do not have the advantage. actuator output thrust, high stability, but at the same cost but lower than the hydraulic actuator is a cost-effective choice.

actuator parameter control is very accurate, but its complex structure, the failure rate is higher than the pneumatic actuator, the need for a high technical level of professionals to operate and maintain. electric actuator to receive the signal, prone to ignition problems, the necessary security inferior to the other two implementing agencies.

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