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teach you the use of maintenance and repair
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correct use of the pneumatic machinery, compressed air for pneumatic machinery is a mechanical device as a power source, pneumatic mechanical component life longer, but we still need to use the process in the daily operation and proper maintenance of a reasonable, ningbo pg电子下载-pg电子游戏 experts teach you the use of professional pneumatic machinery maintenance and repair.

 1, pneumatic air supply system is very important mechanical pressure is too high and too low will cause parts of pneumatic mechanical damage or reduce its life, the normal pressure should be maintained at 90psig (6.2kgcm ^ 2), to the entrance of pneumatic machinery prevail at the inlet pressure.

 2, pneumatic machinery lubrication is achieved through the inlet, in the feed gas should contain enough oil to meet the lubrication of air motors. pneumatic motor is fully lubricated, the exhaust can be detected at the prevention of white paper, if a piece of paper with oil, then the normal lubrication.

 3, compressed air mechanical treatment may also be condensed with water, which causes the pneumatic mechanical parts inside the rust, so the air intake of machinery for the dry air should not contain water, generally in the inlet before use air dryer to dry them.

 4, pneumatic machinery parts can not operate without a full time, such as removal of damaged parts or components, or will affect the use of pneumatic mechanical safety and reliability. pneumatic or mechanical failure, such as the effect can not reach normal levels, the need for inspection, troubleshooting before continued use.

 5, pneumatic machinery regular inspection and maintenance, frequency of once a week to keep the best. pneumatic motor and bearings and other moving parts should be appropriate lubrication, this can prolong life. pneumatic fastening parts of its stability and security have a greater impact, in the inspection process to ensure reliable parts of the state.

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