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motor types and the basic elements of the structure
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hydraulic motor in the structure, classification, and works with the same hydraulic pump. some of the hydraulic pump can be directly used as a hydraulic motor, pg电子下载-pg电子游戏 and the elements of the basic structure of what? ningbo zhongyi hydraulic motors for you experts to help.

from the perspective of energy conversion, hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor is reversible work of hydraulic components, hydraulic input to the work of any kind of liquid, can make it into a hydraulic motor operating conditions; the other hand, when the hydraulic motor of the spindle from the outside torque drive rotates, the hydraulic pump can be changed working conditions.

because the hydraulic motor has the same basic structural elements - closed but you can cycle with the volume and the corresponding oil sector. however, due to the hydraulic motor and pump have different working conditions, performance requirements on them are not the same, so the same type between the hydraulic motor and pump, there are still many differences. the first hydraulic motor should be able to now, reverse, and therefore requires that its internal structure symmetry; hydraulic motor speed range required is large enough, especially for the minimum steady speed hydraulic motors have certain requirements. therefore, it is usually with rolling bearings or hydrostatic bearings; second hydraulic motor oil as the input conditions to work under pressure, and thus do not have the self-absorption capacity, but needs some initial tightness, can provide the necessary starting torque. because of these differences, making the hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump is quite similar in structure, but not reversible work.

according to their structure type hydraulic motor can be divided into sub-gear, vane, piston, and other types. by hydraulic motor rated speed is divided into two major categories of high-speed and low speed. the rated speed is higher than 500r/min speed hydraulic motor, the rated speed is lower than 500r/min speed hydraulic motors. basic types of high-speed hydraulic motor with gear, screw, vane and axial piston and so on. their main feature is high speed, moment of inertia is small, easy to start and braking, adjustable (speed and change direction) and high sensitivity.

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