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principle of liquid pressure cylinder
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how to choose a supplier?if your quantity is small, you can go to a local wholesaler, but if you want to order more, go directly to a factory will be more cost-effective.  ningbo zhongyi hydraulic motor co., ltd will can provide superior-quality hydraulic motor, pg电子下载-pg电子游戏 piston motor, hydraulic winch,axial piston motor products and satisfactory service.

 pressurized cylinder is a hydraulic cylinder with a turbocharger integrated combination of patterns, the use of compressed air as power source, use the size of the turbocharger pressure ratio of the piston cross-sectional area will increase the number of low-pressure times, supply of hydraulic cylinders used to reach the higher power the hydraulic cylinder.

 1, pre-pressure type pressure cylinder (sta): when the work surface air pressure in the hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil flow due to the role of pre-pressure compressed air chamber stroke, then quickly push the hydraulic oil for the displacement axis, when the work displacement is greater than the air pressure resistance encountered when the heart stops the action pre-finale, this time, supercharger supercharged cylinder segment because electrical signals (or pneumatic signal) movement, also started as a displacement supercharger axis movement, and squeeze the pre-pressure in the low-pressure oil chamber, pressurized to make a strong thrust of the results.

 2, straight pressure cylinder (sts): when air pressure in the pressurized section of the work surface of the piston, the piston effect due to the compressed air chamber and the flow of oil, then quickly push the hydraulic oil for the displacement axis, time axis moving distance (stroke) for high-pressure stroke (stroke supercharged).


 pre-press stroke: the air travel (faster to process), refers to the state from the cylinder to return to full contact with the workpiece on the die, the distance from the cylinder through the scope.

 pressurization stroke: the working stroke (by power stroke), the hydraulic system pressurized to promote the axis of the distance traveled, total trip power trip is a certain period, to do work with travel.

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