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how to replace power steering pump?
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if you have the knowledge of power steering problems and replacing power steering pumps all by yourself, then you need not go to a professional mechanic! thus you can save a lot on the power steering pump replacement costs. read the procedure to replace power steering pump given below.
before fitting in the new power steering pump, you need to remove the old one.
for this, raise your vehicle on a jack and remove all the parts that fall before the power steering pump.
next, take away all the old pump fluid out of the pump and take out the pulley. remove all the nuts and bolts around the pump.
the next step is to take out the old power steering pump and keep it aside.
now, we enter the next phase of fitting in the new power steering pump. fix the pulley, hose and place the new pump properly.
further, install bolts and belts with sufficient tension and torque, as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.
inspect the pump for leakages. if no leaks are found then you can put on the lid over the pump. start the vehicle and once again look out for leaks. the procedure is successfully completed if no leaks are found. read more on car problems.
cost of power steering pump replacement

if you have understood the above procedure properly and are confident enough to do it all by yourself, a professional mechanic is not needed. however, for serious damage, or if you are confounded with any of the steps or part of the vehicle, then it is suggested to visit a mechanic and get the work done from him. normally it would not cost much, if you do the procedure at home. however, you need to spend some money if you take it to the garage. but, exactly how much is the power steering pump replacement cost? like i have said earlier, power steering pump replacement cost depends upon some factors. this includes the power steering pump price and also the labor costs involved in the actual procedure. besides replacement, power steering pump rebuild or power steering pump repair are some other options that the mechanic might suggest you, the costs of which might differ considerably than replacing the power steering pump. read more on car parts and how to change a power steering pump

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