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what to do when power steering problems crop up?
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sudden power loss is not likely to happen. in most cases, the steering gradually becomes heavier which can be considered as a warning. our company is professional hydraulic motor,piston motor,pg电子下载-pg电子游戏,gearbox,hydraulic steering unit supplier providing customers from domestic zhongyiyepk and overseas the best and reliable hydraulic products.
if you realize power steering failure too late, using all your strength, hang on to the wheel to turn it and stop the car as soon as possible. in case the reason for power steering failure is the engine cutting out, you may need extra pressure on the brakes to stop the car.

in such a situation, its not advisable to try to rectify this car problem yourself. any problem with a power steering, needs to be professionally inspected and fixed as soon as possible. even if you manage to determine and troubleshoot the steering, it is most likely to be a temporary solution and it would be worse if you further complicate the problem. read more on power steering problems.

power steering failure causes

how does power steering work? a power steering system is nothing but a hydraulic assisted mechanism as opposed to the old system, which gained its power from the driver's mechanical force. one of the most common cause of power steering failure is a leak. a fluid is the main working component of a hydraulic system. when the pressure of this fluid is incremented or decremented then this causes the mechanism to work. there is a power steering pump that works on the pressure of this fluid and the power steering lines carry the fluids to and fro. any leakage of fluid in the pump or the line can cause the power steering to breakdown. there is another rare possibility that you may be low on power steering fluids. read more on power steering fluid leak.

there may be two type of leaks – slow or fast leak. in case you notice whining noises in your power steering and slowly gets worsened over the next few days, it is most likely to be a slow leak. power steering lines can be visually inspected yourself. under the hood, start inspecting the lines from the point where the power steering fluid is filled and go all the way down. keep looking for any signs of a cut or damage in the line or see if any fluid has been spilled on the outside. also inspect your garage and driveway and see if any fluid has accumulated on the floor. if a slow power steering leakage is determined, you may be able to fix this fault. just visit a local automotive spare parts store where you should have a power steering stop-leak additive. you need to add this stop-leak to the power steering fluid container and fill the empty space (if any) with power steering fluid till the level reaches the 'full' mark. if the stop-leak is unable to solve the problem, you may need to seek professional help which may include replacing the brake lining if the damage is irreparable.

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