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what is power steering fluid exactly?
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just as our body gets its lubricants for its joints and ligaments through the fats and oil that we consume, the power steering system of the car gets it through the power steering fluid.our company is professional pg电子下载-pg电子游戏,piston motor,hydraulic winch,gearbox,hydraulic steering unit supplier providing customers from domestic zhongyiyepk and overseas the best and reliable hydraulic products.

 it is basically a lubricant and contributes in prevention of wear and tear of moving parts and seals. that is the answer to how does power steering work. the rubbing noises and screeches and squeals too are brought down by this fluid. power steering fluid color is a clear one, with a slight pink or amber tone. for this fluid and for other hydraulic automotive fluids, most of the times the base is either organophosphate ester, mineral oil or polyalphaolefin. the container for this fluid which is the power steering fluid reservoir, is up against the wheel well. it is located behind the windshield washer fluid as well as anti-freeze reservoir, to be specific.

how to change power steering fluid?

to begin with, here is what you will need to do this fluid change -fluid removal/transfer tool, power steering fluid and a funnel, that is all you need. to know if you car needs a power steering fluid change, you will have to see and know how to check and then add the fluid. lets get to going now!

cars in modern times are nothing less than state of the art machines, and are one of the most desirable commodities today. thanks to the volkswagens, bmws, corvettes, porsches, audis and others, with their hi-tech facilities which make car driving a fantastic experience all together. one of the modern technologies which have contributed to making car driving a pleasure is power steering. in simple terms, power steering is what helps us steer and turn a car easily, without us having to turn the steering wheel a lot. just a slight turn of the wheel and the car turns. maximum power steering systems are hydraulic power steering systems, which are run primarily on a fluid. now if you want to get a low down on this, you will have to keep on reading about power steering fluid, here!

last, but not the least, replace the power steering fluid reservoir cap and finish with the hood closed. to test if the power steering fluid has reached the right place and in the right manner, turn the ignition on and then turn the wheel right and left. drive for a distance, let the engine heat up just as it does normally. then again just as mentioned above, see the color of the fluid, if it has changed. if it has become brown, i am afraid, my dear friends, you will have to change the power steering fluid, by doing the procedure as mentioned above. all this is essential to avoid power steering failure.

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