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how does power steering work: the basic system
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how does power steering work: the basic system

although, electric system assistance is introduced in most of the vehicles now, the basic system for power steering developed mechanically, was also an ingenious creation. our company is professional hydraulic motor,piston motor,hydraulic winch,gearbox,pg电子下载-pg电子游戏supplier providing customers from domestic zhongyiyepk and overseas the best and reliable hydraulic products.the working of this system can be understood in three stages, explained as follows.

power steering pump pulley
the pumps used in this process are attached or connected to the pump casings designed to support the structure. these pumps are nothing but pulley systems, which form a round structure with small grooves on their sides. a runner belt and pulley arrangement is interlocked and work in tandem by power supplied due to the spinning of the crankshaft. this crankshaft is the core of the engine power delivery system for pumps. these pumps consist of rotor mechanism that rotates rapidly, and thus pressurizes the fluid driving the power steering system. electric pumping is used alternatively, avoiding the use of engine and making the system more fuel efficient.

the power steering fluid is propelled out of the pump by the fast rotating action of the rotor. the pressure regulator ensures that a pressurized fluid reaches the steering mechanism, where it acts as a lubricant and also reduces the heating effect of the system. the power steering mechanism and the gears located in the power steering gear box are operated on the power supplied by the pressurized liquid. the power steering pressure regulator maintains the adequate pressure required for the system.

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