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gear failure classifications
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there are four main classifications of failures regarding gearbox repairs: plastic flow, pitting or surface fatigue, breakage and wear.ningbo zhongyi pg电子下载-pg电子游戏 co., ltd process specialises in hydraulic motor, produce piston motor,hydraulic winch,gearbox,hydraulic steering unit,axial piston motor products,welcome to choose our products. a visual inspection of the parts will show you the differences.

plastic flow wear. plastic flow wear creates a depression on the contact area of a gear tooth, or gives its ends a fin-like appearance. this wear generally occurs with soft gear materials in power transmission equipment. to prevent plastic flow wear decrease contact stress, use harder surface and sub-surface materials and increase the spacing accuracy between the teeth.

pitting and surface fatigue. repeated surface or sub-surface stresses can cause surface fatigue in components. a high amount of stress being placed on the surface of a gear tooth causes pitting. in a mechanical power transmission product, pitting can happen quickly and occurs mainly through-hardened gearing. while some pitting is normal, reduce its occurrence by minimizing speed and load weights when breaking in gears, and use a quality lubricant.

breakage. breakage is the most significant failure in regards to gearbox repairs. breakage occurs in power transmission equipment when the stresses exceed the endurance of a gear's tooth. this occurs at areas of distress on a shaft, the more tensile side of a tooth, or the tooth root fillet. prevent breakage by controlling torque, installing resilient couplings, using lubricants and reducing the amount of bending stress and transient loads on a component.

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