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induction motors have less torque at start up
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as a woodworker you've likely not given much thought regarding the two primary types of motors used to power your electric woodworking tools. our company is professional pg电子下载-pg电子游戏,piston motor,pg电子下载-pg电子游戏,gearbox,hydraulic steering unit supplier providing customers from domestic zhongyiyepk and overseas the best and reliable hydraulic products.welcome to visit our website.the differences in performance - and the number of zeros on a price tag - should have your attention.

as in all considerations regarding power tools your ultimate decision should be based on your projected usage. if you're a newbie just getting started then it might not be time to invest in the cast iron induction-powered table saw.

if you're running a professional shop then all six of your table saws probably have induction motors.

your duty to yourself as a consumer is to make educated decisions. in that interest here are some of the differences between induction and universal motors... without getting too technical and without taking a "one motor is better in all situations" stance.

1) size and weight

induction motors are typically heavier than universal motors, making them ideal candidates for stationary tools that need the extra weight anyways to reduce rattling and improve stability.

obviously at their weight and size they make poor candidates for handheld or portable tools.

that's where universal motors come in to play. their smaller size and weight make them ideal for circular saws, bench top planers and your shop vacuum.

2) cost

induction motors are more expensive and found often these days in the top of the line electric power tools. they're made with more copper, aluminum and steel than universal motors.

universal motors are less expensive and found in just bout every electric power tool known to man.

ultimately whether you purchase a tool where there's actually a choice between induction and universal (table saws and planers for example) you will have to ask yourself how often you'll be using the tool and your likelihood of continuing with your hobby.

your induction motor tools will have a higher resale value if you bail out of woodworking, but will cost you more in the upfront. your universal motor power tools will have less of a resale value but cost less upfront.

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