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zihyd organized party members to travel shajiabang
time: 2011-09-04 08:18:25 from: auhor: click:2252

to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the foundation of the communist party of china, 24 july 2011, zihyd organized party members to travel shajiabang (the red tourist attractions) to look for the revolution footprint and carry forward th national spirit.
their first stop is the revolutionary history memorial hall, they knew the legend of resistance against japan and national salvation there. then they walked to the reed marshes along the lake. this is the most charming place in shajiabang. the party members took a ride of wooden boat amid the maze of reed marshes. they just saw the injured soldiers hid in the maze to recover their bodies during the world war ii.
shajiabang is located in changshu, near yangchen lake ,the town has become well-known throughout the country since its namesake modern peking opera debuted in the 1960s.“shajiabang” tells the story of a qingsao, a brave woman who saved the lives of chinese soldiers during the war of resistance against japanese.
through this trip, they have got better understanding of the communist party. it must have a good effect to future work.

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