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how to build an electric motor?
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wind the armature, the part which moves the motor, on a small cylindrical object such as a small aaa sized battery.our company is professional hydraulic motor,piston motor,pg电子下载-pg电子游戏 ,gearbox,hydraulic steering unit supplier providing customers from domestic zhongyiyepk and overseas the best and reliable hydraulic products.welcome to visit our website. thinner the wire smaller should be the diameter, thicker the wire larger should be the diameter. leave a few inches of wire loose at one end, and wind the remaining wire around the coil.

you don't need to be too neat in the tying part, even a bit of messy work can make the bundle stay together. carefully remove the coil off the cylindrical object, making sure that you don't damage the shape of the coil. you can use the wire to wrap around the coil so that it doesn't distort its shape. keep the new binding turns opposite to each other, this will help the coil to turn easily on the axle formed by the free end of the wires. wrap a few turns around the binding turns as well. passing the wire through the space between the large and the small coils will create a secured bond.

 it is important to ensure that the coils stick together and the end of wires are anchored in a straight line. hold the coil at the edge of a table, such that one of the free wire is lying flat on the table. use a utility knife to remove the insulation on the top half of the wire. the top half of the wire should be bare copper, while the bottom half should be insulated. do the same with other end of the wire. the copper part of the wire has to face upwards at both the wire ends. doing this will help the energy to flow from one support to the armature, and back to the battery. use simple loops of bare wire to hold the armature and make it spin. these loops will facilitate in getting electrical energy to the armature. bend two stiff pieces of bare wire around a small nail, and make a loop in the middle. you can use the battery holder to make the base of the motor. wind the free ends of support wires through the small holes in the plastic at each of the end. bend the support wires, and just leave enough part for the armature to spin freely. insert the armature into both the rings by bending the support wires. once you are done with the insertion process, you can bend them inside so that they close in on the coil, but make sure that they don't really touch it. insert the battery into the battery holder, and place the magnet between the battery holder and the coil. ensure that the coil can still move freely without touching anything. insert a piece of paper in between the battery and the electrical contact. this paper will act as an on and off switch for your electric motor. remove the paper from in between, and let the current flow to the other side, the motor will start working.

knowing how to make an electric motor is an easy task, and has been a quite popular hobby among the teenagers around the world. irrespective of whether it is a small home made electrical motor or big motors which propel vehicles, electric motor is an important component of our life, a device without which life would be much slower.

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