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powering mechanical drive systems
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in a power transmission system, where the motors generate power, drive systems transfer that power to perform work. if you would like to buy the hydraulic motor,piston motor,hydraulic winch,gearbox,pg电子下载-pg电子游戏 products , ningbo zhongyi hydraulic motor co., ltd  absolutely is your best choice.in a technical sense, drive systems convert a motor's cyclical power into linear motion. this is how a motor can spin in a circle, but provides the power to run a conveyor belt in a straight line.

the most simple drive system is a direct coupling. take a spinning motor shaft and weld fan blades onto the end to create a fan to move air. centrifugal pumps' impeller fans are also directly coupled, as well as sealed to contain liquid, to the drive shaft of the motor. while simple in design, direct coupling is limited to one device operated per motor, and the need to have many motors.

to transfer linear motion to a device that is not directly coupled to a motor, belt and pulley systems are often used. belts have been in use since the 18th century in water-powered textile mills. the concept is that the motor turns a pulley with a belt attached that runs to a series of pulleys and bushings all attached to other equipment. in this way, one motor can drive multiple machines, as its power is transferred via the belt. belt and pulley systems can also be synchronized, like the system in a car engine that uses power from the engine to run the alternator, air conditioner, and power steering.

chain systems are another form of power transmission of linear motion. often seen in conveyor belts, chain systems transfer a motor's power directly into work, such as moving an assembly line. mass production facilities utilize this direct application of power as their means of production.

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