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transmission slipping out of gear
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if your transmission slips only when its cold, then there could be three possible reasons.ningbo zhongyi pg电子下载-pg电子游戏 co., ltd has the experience in produce pg电子下载-pg电子游戏,hydraulic winch,gearbox,hydraulic steering unit,axial piston motor with quality assurance. zhongyiyepk so welcome to our to choose our product or call us. the first possible reason of the transmission slipping when cold is that, your engine is low on transmission fluid and could use some more. the reason it works fine, once it's warmed up is because the oil expands with heat.

the second reason could be that the fluid has become old and denatured, and needs to be changed. remember to use only the genuine transmission fluid when you replace it. the third reason could be that the oil has become dirty or contaminated, and needs to be changed. if it's dirty, then you could also check your filter and change it if needed. you could go for a transmission flush, but make sure you have all the details before you do that. see transmission flush problems and transmission flush cost for more information.

transmission slipping when hot
sometimes the transmission may work fine when cold, but you might notice the transmission slipping when hot. this means, that after you have been driving for sometime the gears may not change smoothly. a transmission that slips when hot, could mean that the transmission fluid may be less or could have worn down and needs to be changed. also check your filter and see if it needs to be replaced. there could also be a problem with the zhongyiyepk wiring and ignition. for instructions on how to change your atf, see atf change.

transmission slipping out of gear
if your car transmission is slipping out of gear, and you have checked the fluid levels and filters, and they all seem fine, then your gearbox might need replacing or extensive repair might be needed. see transmission slipping symptoms for more on this subject.

if your car is showing any of the above transmission slipping signs, then you should get your car serviced. make sure you always check the fluid levels in your car and look for signs of dirt, and if your filters would need to be replaced. you could see automatic transmission problems and automatic transmission troubleshooting for additional information on how best to take care of your car's transmission. a regular inspection, done once in a while, will always help keep you safe from any major damage to your car, and your wallet.

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