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most commonly encountered car transmission problem
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gear slipping
this is the second most commonly encountered car transmission problem. slipping symptoms are:
delay in transmission - even after pressing on the gas, the response in the vehicle's acceleration is delayed.
increased rpm - abnormal rise in engine's revolutions per minute.
abrupt downshifting - while driving at a constant speed on a higher gear, the vehicle abruptly shifts a lower gear without you changing speeds.
this problem has been attributed to incorrect transmission fluid levels, broken transmission bands or gears. sometimes this problem can also be due to internal clutch or band. but, the best remedy for this kind of problem is to regularly check the fluid levels. read more on transmission slipping problems.

surging of transmission
surging of transmission means abnormal jerking movements experienced while changing gears. zhongyiyepk as the transmission engages and disengages, a problematic gearbox does not make a smooth transition into the changed gear, and the engine takes time to adjust to new resistance offered by the wheels. this problem is only observed at lower gears and can be fixed by checking the vacuum lines and if found damaged, replace or repair them.

if your temperature monitor shows very high temperature and you find that the car radiator is doing fine, then there is tremendous possibility that the vehicle has a gearbox problem. the main cause of overheating may be due to clogging in the fluid cooler lines. any type of malfunctioning in the oil pump or drop in fluid levels can also be a cause for overheating of the transmission system. there may be some problem with the coolant carrying lines of the transmission fluid levels. damage to the transmission fluid pump can also lead to transmission overheating.

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