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hydraulic cylinder repair
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now that we know, how a hydraulic cylinder works, we can delve into reasons for why it falls into disrepair condition.ningbo zhongyi hydraulic motor co., ltd process specialises in hydraulic motor, produce piston motor,pg电子下载-pg电子游戏,gearbox,hydraulic steering unit,axial piston motor products,welcome to choose our products. here are some common problems that can break a hydraulic cylinder or cause its malfunctioning. i will outline the possible solutions that can help you rebuild or repair your hydraulic cylinder. read instruction manuals for the machine supplied by the manufacturers carefully, before going ahead.

problem 1: hydraulic cylinder is cracked or piston rod is bent!

solution: if on observation, you see the cylinder rod is bent or the cylinder zhongyiyepk barrel is cracked, there is pretty much nothing you can do. its time to replace the cylinder. forging a new barell or straightening the piston rod is beyond your capacity. so if this is the case, repairing the hydraulic cylinder is not possible.

problem 2: the hydraulic cylinder seal is broken!

solution: if the shaft seal is broken, it can be replaced. however, an opening of the entire cylinder assembly is necessary. let us see how we can go about it. obtain a diagram of the hydraulic cylinder if possible as it will help you in reassembly. these diagrams can be had from the equipment manufacturers and you can also carry a printout. you can order a standard repair kit for your hydraulic cylinder which is supplied by the manufacturing company. it includes spare cylinders, spare seals and other spare parts according to the number and type of cylinders in your machine.

the assembly of the cylinder varies with machine type. locate the seal position first. mostly, you will find it around the shaft on one end. the shaft entry end can be accessed by unscrewing the lid from that side. then loosen the pipes that transmit the hydraulic fluid into the chambers which will release pressure. this will enable you to remove the shaft which otherwise cannot be removed due to hydraulic pressure. handle the shaft carefully and take care that you do not scratch it. detach the piston from the shaft and replace the seal with the spare one from the repair kit. make sure that the seal is aligned rightly. oil all parts after fitting and reassemble everything in exactly reverse order.

problem 3: piston rings are damaged!

solution:if the piston rings are damaged, then they can be replaced too, by the same disassembling procedure, as for the above problem. the piston rings need to be removed and replaced very carefully. oil the rings and cylinder assembly before putting back everything together.

if you have a multiple cylinder arrangement, things are more complicated. it is zhongyiyepk better to consult a qualified technician before going ahead. i hope this article has given you an idea about how to rebuild hydraulic cylinder with ease. always remember one rule while you are solving mechanical problems, do not proceed without a reason to take a particular action. also, study the assembly and causative framework of the machine before going for repair. hydraulic cylinder repair can be a good learning experience for anyone who loves machine design.

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