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construction and working of a hydraulic cylinder
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hydraulic systems are widely used in agriculture, construction and manufacturing industry. bulldozers, cranes, tractors, loaders, elevators and all such heavy equipment machines use hydraulics. hydraulic hybrid vehicles are some of the newest developments in hydraulic technology. hydraulics is an applied science which applies the mechanical properties of fluids to build hydraulic systems that can perform heavy duty mechanical jobs with precision.the hydraulic systems offer power with precise control and versatility . at the core of every hydraulic system is the hydraulic cylinder. it is the central component on which all hydraulic systems are dependent. therefore, one must learn how to rebuild hydraulic cylinder, as it saves money and valuable time. knowing hydraulic cylinder repair is a skill worth having under your belt because its always good to know your tools of trade, inside out. before we go into hydraulic cylinder repair, let us briefly understand the construction and working of a hydraulic cylinder.

construction and working of a hydraulic cylinder

any hydraulic system is made of two parts; the hydraulic pump that generates the zhongyiyepk pressure and the hydraulic cylinder that delivers the mechanical action in response to pressure. the hydraulic cylinder is a cylindrical barrel fitted with a piston which fluidly moves back and forth. the cylinder barrel is of course sealed from both ends.

the piston divides the barrel body into two parts; the rod end which is the side from where piston enters the barrel body and the other side which is capped called the cap end. the piston is driven back and forth by the hydraulic fluid, which is mostly oil, introduced by the hydraulic pump. the piston has sliding rings and seals which prevent the leakage of fluid from one part of the piston compartment to the other part. the piston is connected with appropriate mounting arrangement. it conveys piston motion to appropriate moving part of the machine which carries the load.

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