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need to change out or repair the pump
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you have a pressure washer business you will eventually need to change out or repair the pump. our company is professional hydraulic motor,piston motor,hydraulic winch,gearbox,pg电子下载-pg电子游戏 supplier providing customers from domestic zhongyiyepk and overseas the best and reliable hydraulic products.welcome to visit our website.there are a few things you should know to make such change outs easy. you may also need to study up on preventative maintenance so that you do not have to worry about pump failure. your pressure washer probably has one of two different pumps if it is industrial grade. either a cat pump or a general pump; both are industry standards. general is the leader in the industry for sales and many prefer cat as it sucks better from plastic water tanks.

your pump is powered by two parallel belts connected to your engine. you should make sure not to starve your pump from water. when the water tank is empty turn off the engine. starving a pump will burn it out in about thirty-five minutes. the manufacturer says five to ten minutes, but that's not life threatening. your pump has a safety feature whereby when you are not spraying the water, it will automatically by pass into the tank provided there is enough water for the complete loop. thank you. we also thought it was one of our great ideas. you should change the oil in the pump every month. make sure your pressure washer rig is on level ground and fill the pump to the red dot on the center of the eyeglass. over filling is a really bad idea.

ningbo zhongyi hydraulic motor co., ltd has the experience in produce pg电子下载-pg电子游戏,hydraulic winch,gearbox,hydraulic steering unit,pg电子下载-pg电子游戏with quality assurance. so welcome to our to choose our product or call us.

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