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steer-bucket concrete mixer features a design
time: 2011-08-23 10:11:12 auhor:hydraulic steering click:1857

a skid-steer bucket concrete mixer is a skid-steer forklift attachment that combines the benefits of a loader and a concrete mixer into a single piece of equipment.our company is professional hydraulic motor supplier providing customers from domestic and overseas the best and reliable pg电子下载-pg电子游戏 products. with this innovative and compact piece of equipment, your company can combine the benefits of a loader and a concrete mixer into a single device. this one of a kind concrete mixer allows you to produce thoroughly mixed concrete quickly and efficiently without the assistance of a third party and with no time delays. it also allows you to transport the concrete to pour sites located in areas too small for larger concrete mixers to reach.

a skid steer-bucket concrete mixer features a design that allows it to be lowered like a bucket to scoop sand and gravel. the mixer can then be tilted back into the upright position, exposing a bag splitter that allows you to break bags of cement and pour their contents directly into the unit. you can then add water, mix it with the sand, gravel, and cement, have concrete ready to pour in a matter of minutes. the skid-steer bucket concrete mixer discharges its contents either through a chute on the side, or by being tilted downward. this allows the unit greater flexibility in reaching hard to get to places.

skid steer bucket concrete mixers provide work crews with an economic alternative to manual loading that can lead to back injuries. they save a great deal of time for work crews who normally have to wait on ready-mix companies to bring in trucks. it is much better to get the job done right then and there without having to depend on a third party that may actually charge you for more materials and services than you actually need. because ready-mix companies tend to avoid selling small quantities of concrete, contractors often have to meet minimum volume requirements when ordering concrete, plus they have to pay for the labor.

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