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take the hydraulic line holder bracket
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replacing a steering rack is one of the more difficult of the do it yourself car repair jobs.our company is professional hydraulic motor supplier providing customers from domestic and overseas the best and reliable pg电子下载-pg电子游戏 products. before you start, read the instructions completely and make sure you have everything that you will need. also, keep in mind that these instructions are generalized, and will not be specific to your vehicle. some steps may need to be done slightly different. it is recommended that you read the factory shop manual first. lastly, you will need someone to help you with the project.

you will need screwdrivers, a ratchet and socket set with extensions, wrenches, a hammer, pliers, a wire brush, power steering filter, power steering fluid, automatic transmission fluid, a tie rod separator, a jack, jack stands, possibly an engine support fixture, and of course the new power steering rack.

first, loosen all the wheel lug nuts and jack up the front of the car. then, take off both front wheels. start with the steering wheel turned forward, and turn it slowly until you can get a socket to the steering shaft joint bolt. after you take the bolt off, use the screwdriver to tap the universal joint upwards. this ensures that you can easily move the spline clamp. don't remove the spline clamp just yet. unbolt the bolts under the front plastic pan, then remove it. next, unbolt the tie rod bolt on the hubs on both sides. take the tie rod separator; push them out on both sides. loosen first the tie rod locking bolt, then the tie rod ball joint. remove the rubber boot and loosen the ball joint. unbolt the hydraulic feed-and-return line, and remove the steering rack mounting bolts. have your helper turn the steering wheel right, then drop the rack down that side. then, do the same for the opposite side.

take the hydraulic line holder bracket, boot, mounting rubber, metal bracket and put them on the new rack. since the wheel is already to the left, install that side first. then, position the spline shaft and clamp correctly. once it's done, turn the wheel and do the same for the other side. reinstall the mounting bolts on the steering rack. install the feed-and-return hydraulic lines. center the steering rack and steering wheel. re-install the ball joint, rubber boot, then tie rods. install the steering column universal shaft spline clamp bolt, then install the front pan. put the front wheels back on.

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