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nine speed gearbox announced-ningbo zhongyi
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automatic transmission means automatically shifting gear ratios as the car moves, thus the driver does not have to change gears manually.our company is professional hydraulic motor supplier providing customers from domestic and overseas the best and reliable pg电子下载-pg电子游戏 products. larger cars and worse traffic were the incentives for automakers to improve transmission from manual to automated. cars with such transmission have been on sale in north america since the 1950s. in europe, such transmission is less popular and on asian markets automatic transmission has become popular since the 1990s.

zy has developed the eight-speed automatic transmission that can achieve 11% fuel savings, as the priority was not the number of gears, but minimum consumption. the six-speed transmission developed by zf in 2006 featured high standards on reaction time that was faster than human perception, adaptive control software that can read the intentions of the driver from his foot. the newer standards were meant to improve fuel consumption. however, the eight speed transmission also had shorter gear steps, ensured faster acceleration and improved shift quality. only 200 milliseconds were required for the eight-speed automatic transmission to carry out a gear shift.

if a decade ago four-speed automatic transmission seemed sophisticated enough, recently automakers have continuously added numbers. however, it seems that the nine-speed will be the limit. one factor is that consumers do not seem to be interested in accepting more. even though most car drivers consider six-speed transmission more convenient than older four-speed automatics, the cost of developing new transmissions is not compensated by potential savings on fuel. gear changes on eight-speed transmission cars are already so smooth that another cog will not be perceived as earth shattering.

our company has a group of marketing, management, technology application talents with the exquisite specialized technology and good after-sales service. and it has a number of technical personnels and experienced pg电子下载-pg电子游戏 production team with strong technical force, advanced equipment, excellent quality and good servic that won many customers. welcome all the friends to come and buy. phone: 0574-86261172


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