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the wireline unit using hydraulic hose
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the winch unit will be powered by the power-pack on separate skid. our company is professional hydraulic motor supplier providing customers from domestic and overseas the best and reliable pg电子下载-pg电子游戏  products.hydraulic power is supplied by connecting the power-pack to the wireline unit using hydraulic hose and quick coupling union.

hydraulic oil passed from the reservoir tank through a suction strainer mounted inside the tank, to the hydraulic pump which driven by the diesel engine. on leaving the pump under pressure, the oil passes through a tee connection which exposes the pressure to the pressure control relief valve. the valve is set to open at 2,400 psig.

the minimum pressure signal for this valve can be overridden by the pilot relief valve to adjust the maximum system pressure to any valve less than 2,400 psig. the operating pressure of the system can be read on the pressure gauge. from the pressure relief valve zhongyiyepk the oil proceeds to the 4-way valve directional controls the directional control valve and then to the motor. the 4-way valve controls direction of rotation of the drum. when the handle is pulled toward the operator, the drum rotates toward him, when the handle is pushed away from the operator, the drum rotates away from him. when the valve is in the neutral position, oil flow directly to return line.

hydraulic oil proceeds to the cooler, hydraulic filters and back to the reservoir tank.

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