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we would like to clarify this question
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hydraulic shearing machine is  playing a very important role in industry.our company is professional pg电子下载-pg电子游戏supplier providing customers from domestic and overseas the best and reliable hydraulic products. here it is mainly used for cutting all types of sheet metal. for example, it can be used to produce vessel and car. the hydraulic device may work better than electric motor.it can be used for longer time too and give better cutting quality.

now, a new question is that :how many kinds of hydraulic shearing machine? this maybe confuse most people because they do not know there are other kinds of hydraulic shears.so, this will take a trouble for their work.

as a manufacturer,we would like to clarify this question and explain in details.

the reply is two:

one is swing beam shearing machine,it is invented in 1960s and is using in the all over the world. especially in the developing countries.the workiing idea is same as our home knife. so, the cutting has a angle. when the sheet metal is 12 mm below,as long as you adjust the angle well, the shearing quality is very good. no any difference. however, when the metal is too thick,its wrong will happen. the machine can not cut well.

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