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a hydraulic zone valve is the valve
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the prosperity of the valve industry has been shown on many aspects in many fields.our company has the experience in produce piston motor,hydraulic winch,gearbox,hydraulic steering unit,pg电子下载-pg电子游戏with quality assurance. such development has greatly influenced various industrial processes together with common appliance.

 valves are designed and manufactured into various sizes, shapes and materials, aiming to meet many industrial situations as much as possible. different valves hold their own features. at this moment, we take two types among large numbers of valves for example. we would make a simple comparison between a hydraulic zone valve and a solenoid valve and introduce it in the following.

at first, let's have a simple but comprehensive description of these two types. a hydraulic zone valve is the valve which widely applied in water heating systems. such mechanism is installed to allow hot water to flow. the terminal destination is heating devices which control room or floor heat. and for the other type, a solenoid valve indicates that the solenoid coil controls the entire operation. this type is expected to convert the electrical energy to mechanical energy. it is quite environmental. in most cases, they are installed to regulate water flow in home plumbing systems.

besides, the difference on the structure mainly determines the difference on specific operating process. a hydraulic zone valve is able to push itself in an open or closed position by the help of an electric motor. the electric motor aims to work by receiving thermostat signals. but for a solenoid valve, the electromagnetically actuated plunger does great contributions.

moreover, the applications may differ in many specific points. for example, a hydraulic zone valve is only expected to transfer heat to different locations and to restrict water flow. and the other type is definitely made to benefit many mobile systems, including aircraft hydraulic systems. therefore, it means that solenoid valve can be used to guide water or gases, which is quite significant for various industrial requirements. both are doing their best.

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