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do you know hydraulic rotary transmission?
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in the hydraulic machinery the turbo machinery has the similar driving property to the electric motor. ningbo zhongyi hydraulic motor co., ltd  has the experience in produce pg电子下载-pg电子游戏 ,hydraulic winch,gearbox,hydraulic steering unit,axial piston motor with quality assurance. so welcome to our web or call us. our web is
so if people improve the turbo machinery, it can also be used by the driving locomotives. as long as people add a pump into the diesel engine and provide some fluid with pressure to the turbo, the equipment can make the fluid work periodically and also is able to let the fluid in the turbo come back to the entry of the pump after operation.

 according to the above-mentioned operation, the whole system is applicable for the driving system of the diesel locomotives. on basis of the working principle, a germany engineer invited the torque converter and fluid coupling. he combined the turbo and pump together. in the combination, no mechanical joint was applied. it was just operated by the fluid circulation. the driving system used by the diesel locomotives through the soft connection way zhongyiyepk is called fluid power transmission.

the fluid power transmission equipment is mainly composed of the following components, such as fluid wheel box, axle gear box, changeover device, mutually connected cardan shaft and so on. its core element is fluid torque converter in the fluid wheel box, which is made up of pump wheel, turbo and guide wheel. the pump wheel is connected by the bent axle of diesel engine, axis and gear. as for the turbo, it is joined by the axis, gear and the traction wheel of the locomotives. the guide wheel is fixed on the outer shell of the torque converter and thus is unable to rotate. when the diesel engine is turned on, the pump wheel will begin to rotate at a very fast speed. then the blades drive the working oil at a very high pressure and speed to attack the blades of the turbo. step by step, the pump wheel and turbo rotate toward the same direction. at last the locomotive can move when the delivered power of the diesel engine is passed to the traction wheel through gears.

compared with electric transmission, the fluid power transmission is just a promising young driving system. but in the fierce competition, the new driving system wins the important position and thus its role can not be overlooked easily. why can the fluid power transmission be thought highly by the user? it has a close relationship with its specific merits. firstly, the electric motor is not needed by the hydraulic rotary transmission equipment. so a great number of expensive brass can ne saved. secondly, this transmission system is light in weight. because of the feature, the cost of the locomotive and its weight is correspondingly reduced. even for the same weight, the power of the locomotive with fluid driving system is greater than that of locomotive with electric motor. in addition, it is easy to repair the transmission powered by fluid. and the reliability is relatively high. last but not least, the components of this transmission system are shell type. no matter whether there is wind, rain or snow, its operation will not be influenced.

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