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issuing time:2020-06-28 10:16author:宁波中意液压马达

in order to promote enterprise management upgrades and technology upgrades, and promote mutual help and learning among member enterprises, on the afternoon of september 23rd, the association of enterprises in ningbo zhongyi hydraulic motor co.

its product output, product specifications and market share are all in the leading position in the hydraulic motor industry, and its digitalized production workshop is in the leading position in ningbo city. in july this year, zhongyi hydraulics was selected in the first batch of 248 "small giant" enterprises announced by the ministry of industry and information technology.

at 14:00 on the same day, a team of enterprise representatives led by association chairman zhang jianghua and chairman cai guoding visited the company's digital workshop. according to the executive vice president pan lifeng introduced, in the annual output of 400,000 sets of hydraulic motor digital workshop technology renovation project, a total investment of nearly 50 million yuan, using intelligent logistics carts, machining centers, distance detection and control devices, spindle impact identification device, safety door detection and protection devices, spindle and shell automatic production line and other 44 sets (sets) of key intelligent manufacturing equipment, the project went into production, the company's production of efficiency is increased by 31%, operating costs are reduced by 20%, energy consumption per unit of production value is reduced by 25.7%, product development cycle is shortened by 33%, and product quality stability is significantly improved.

at the end of the visit, the representatives of the enterprises conducted on-site communication. cai guoding introduced in detail the process of the construction of digital workshop of sino-italian hydraulic, enterprise representatives have to "learn from" and seek good ideas for transformation. he said, digital workshop construction is a systematic project, is a process of gradual improvement, but also a project of the top hand, especially the company's middle and senior management, must change the consciousness, the courage to accept new things and new challenges.

"along the way, we have encountered many difficulties and suffered a lot, but after constant summing up and innovation, we have finally seen the 'rainbow', and we have now tasted the sweetness of the upgrade, and we will continue to work hard to create a smart factory. in the meantime, if you have any questions about upgrading, we're happy to share our experiences and make progress and growth with each other."

in his speech, zhang jianghua said that in recent years, for manufacturing enterprises, more and more customers put forward personalized needs, and the requirements for product quality, delivery time and other aspects are increasingly high. the construction of intelligent engineering enables enterprises to realize design simulation, manufacturing digitalization, management informationization and intelligent control of the production process in the manufacturing process, which can precisely meet the changing market demand.

therefore, digital workshop transformation is the inevitable trend of the development of the manufacturing industry, and only by adapting to the trend and daring to innovate, can enterprises embark on the track of sustainable development and be invincible in the industry. at the same time, he encouraged the enterprises, the old and the new is the enterprise with the times of the necessary ability, deepen the service function is the development direction of the association, in the future, the association will continue to help enterprises exchange and communication, expand the vision, promote enterprises to help each other learn, give full play to the association's service function.

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