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issuing time:2020-06-23 09:22author:宁波中意液压马达

seventy years ago, the people's republic of china was proclaimed and a new era of chinese history began. under the leadership of the communist party of china, hundreds of millions of people have worked hard to explore the path of socialist development with chinese characteristics, creating miracle after miracle in the course of reform, opening up and modernization, and realizing the century-old dream of a strong country, rich people and a rejuvenated nation. today's china is full of vitality and flourishing, and the cause of socialism with chinese characteristics is showing great vitality.

it has been 48 years since the founding of the company, and with the growing prosperity of the motherland, china-italy is also undergoing new and different changes.

ningbo zhongyi hydraulic motor co., ltd. was founded in 1971. since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the enterprise tenet of "integrity, cooperation, mutual benefit, win-win" to create a well-known brand in the industry. from a small agricultural machinery factory to the present scale, we have two production bases in ningbo and wuhu, and we are one of the largest national high-tech enterprises specialized in producing hydraulic motors.

from 2018 to date, sino-italian has entered the digital era, completely replacing the manual machining mode for the parts of the cycloid range - shafts and housings.

in order to further improve the standardized operating process, promote the intelligent process and enhance the enterprise management capabilities, the "lean site and group construction project" launched by sino-italian on july 23, 2019 is in full swing ......

to all the staff here at sino-italian:

the autumn breeze is refreshing, the fragrance of osmanthus flowers, the national day festival, the whole country celebrates together. on the occasion of "national day", the leadership of the company sends festival blessings and sincere condolences to all cadres, workers and their families, and also expresses its heartfelt thanks to the new and old customers and friends from all walks of life who care for and support the development of the company over the years.

at present, the company is in a critical period of development, production and operation is related to the company's high-quality development, the task is heavy, time is running out, time is not waiting. in the future, we hope that all staff will carry forward the spirit of hard work and continuous struggle, overcome all kinds of difficulties, rise to the challenge, and work hard for the development of the company, to fully complete the annual production tasks!

finally, happy 4th of july to all employees, their families, and the community at large!

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