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issuing time:2020-06-08 13:11author:宁波中意液压马达

in 2018, sino-ital entered the digital workshop renovation phase. the two shaft automatic lines and the shell automatic line seem to be ambling like a reclining dragon, and the whole line replaced the manual processing mode of the parts of the cycloid series products - shaft and shell.

at the beginning of 2019, ceci introduced agv scheduling system, which is integrated and interacted with mdc and mes system, and plans to replace manual handling to realize the automatic reporting of work process and the automatic logistics flow process of raw materials on line and finished products off line.

in may, after day and night debugging by engineers from various equipment manufacturers and software systems, the three shell lines and three shaft lines officially entered into trial operation.

the whole system realizes from mes to agv scheduling system to send out production tasks, and then the system integrated automatic line equipment and agv equipment to carry out signal interaction, and send the optimized instructions to agv equipment through operation, and finally complete the whole process of automatic loading and unloading in the workshop through automatic reporting work.

the trial operation of these two lines laid a solid foundation for the realization of a digital, unmanned workshop for ceci.

in july, the trial operation of the agv logistics system of the whole digital workshop was almost completed. under the guidance of the agv system development team-shata information, the first group of automatic line operators started a week-long intense training.

from the initial understanding of the equipment instructions, to the actual hands-on exercises, the students listened attentively to the engineer's explanation, learning the system flow, dealing with the instructions issued by the equipment, and responding to emergency emergencies, step by step, really achieved the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical operation.

after a week of unremitting efforts, all the operators of the digital workshop passed the simulation test and became the first batch of operators of the automation equipment of cietac.

mr. pan lifeng, executive vice president of ceci, expressed his expectation and sentiment, and awarded them certificates.

we expect more automation operators to emerge from this experience and make unremitting efforts to improve the overall strength of the company.


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