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issuing time:2020-11-27 09:35author:宁波中意液压马达

entering the digital workshop of ningbo zhongyi hydraulic motor co., ltd., more than 40 automatic processing equipment are arranged in groups to form four or five assembly lines; the mechanical arms and automatic logistics trolleys operate in an orderly manner. the huge workshop operates 24 hours a day, and a total of 7 people in two shifts a day can "control it". previously, the same workload required 40 people to digest.

in 2017, the chairman and general manager cai guoding of the company went to germany and italy to inspect and witnessed the degree of automation of industry 4.0, while the country was in the “made in china 2025” trend. combined with the company's development plan, cai guoding made the decision to transform the digital workshop. it is planned at the end of the year, construction will start in the second half of 2018, and the renovation will be completed in may 2019.

"the comprehensive benefits brought by the transformation of the digital workshop are very obvious." cai guoding said. in terms of economic benefits, the whole process of product design, drawing, simulation, production and processing is opened up, the development cycle is shortened, the production efficiency is increased by more than 30%, the quality control is more refined, the product defect rate is reduced by 20%, and the labor cost is reduced by 70%. %; in terms of social benefits, fewer people also avoid manual operation risks to a certain extent, and energy consumption per unit output value is reduced by 17%.

with an annual output of more than 400,000 hydraulic motors and annual sales of nearly 300 million yuan, china-italy ranks among the best in the field of hydraulic motors. several large domestic construction machinery manufacturers such as sany heavy industry, zoomlion, xugong group, etc. are all customers of zhongyi hydraulic motor. the foreign market covers more than 80 countries including italy, brazil, spain and germany.

cai guoding said: "customers who come to inspect and see the high degree of automation will naturally recognize the company's product quality more."

china-italy hydraulic motors is also the first batch of enterprises in the region to resume work this year. thanks to the digital workshop, the company's production capacity recovered to more than 80% within a week after the resumption of work. during the same period, domestic counterparts were unable to fully resume work due to the epidemic, and some domestic and foreign orders were transferred to zhongyi hydraulic da, and the company's orders surged in march. in particular, there were more than 40,000 foreign orders, which doubled the average monthly rate over the same period. it was the highest number of orders received since the company started its foreign trade business. the epidemic challenge has turned into an opportunity to expand the market.

intelligent transformation cannot bypass technical problems. "the trickiest thing is how to get through information data." cai guoding said. after years of development of zhongyi hydraulic motor, the original enterprise resource planning software, financial software, design drawing software, etc. have accumulated a large amount of data, and the digital workshop needs to apply a new software system. if the data is re-entered, the amount of engineering is extremely huge. in the end, with the assistance of zhejiang university link technology co., ltd. and ningbo shata information technology co., ltd., the problem was resolved smoothly.

how many things are always urgent. the opportunity is coming, it is by grabbing. in the post-epidemic period, how to seek progress in the midst of crisis, raise the starting point, and extensively and deeply integrate the manufacturing industry with the new generation of information technologies such as 5g, internet of things, big data, and artificial intelligence. it is urgent for more in-depth and detailed thinking and faster development. action.


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